A Method for Prayer

One of my favorite blogs is the GirlTalk blog, which is written by the ladies of Pastor CJ Mahaney‘s family. It’s not for infertility, it’s just a nice blog for Christian women, by Christian women. You should go explore it for fun.

While I was there today, I stumbled upon this posting about a great website that teaches Matthew Henry’s method for praying the Bible [and yes, this is a blog post about a blog post about another website]. I’ve already talked about how the Bible doesn’t give a lot of instruction about how and what we should pray [and for good reason!]; I don’t like to encourage creating something that God intentionally leaves out, but there is a lot of significance in the Biblical precedent of praying scripture. If you want to try something new, awaken a “dull” feeling prayer life, or if you feel like you need some guidance for prayer that isn’t as man-made as other things you may find, I recommend trying out his guide on the website. Here are the links to get you started.

http://www.girltalkhome.com/blog/place-and-method –> a handy post about Place and Method for prayer time, which references the Matthew Henry website as well as a few others.girltalk

http://www.girltalkhome.com/blog/pray-the-bible –> Their explanation of and invitation to the Henry website.

pray the bible

http://www.matthewhenry.org/ –> The Matthew Henry “Pray the Bible” website [Matthew Henry is just a trustworthy old Bible commentator and pastor from the 1700’s, by the way].

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