He will not grow tried or weary


I love this passage lately. I used to think it was over-quoted, but lately it is what I really need to know. Being in the valley makes you so weary and tired. It is so easy to feel that you may stumble. But take rest in this: the LORD [His name is YAHWEH] absolutely NEVER EVER gets tired or weary. And not only that, but He makes others strong. Think about that: He never loses strength, and He increases the strength of everyone else. I barely have enough strength for myself a lot of days, let alone someone else, let alone everyone else. But if you hope in the Lord, you get new strength. And you will not be weary or tired, no matter how long this “run” keeps going. You will not faint, no matter how far you walk. He increases your power, and He understands every single thing. Don’t you know? Have you not heard?

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