She Reads Truth — a cool website for Bible study

I stumbled upon this really neat website today. It’s called and it consists of some normal Christian women pursuing the Lord by reading His word together. They have reading plans they follow, they comment on what they read and invite you to interact as well. They also have a blog which speaks of real life issues and lessons. One way I started using this site was by adding it to my daily Bible reading. When I found it, I happened to have been reading through Proverbs (a chapter a day). I looked under their “Previous Plans” tab and selected Proverbs, then chose the chapter I was on and read their post after I read the chapter. It’s a nice addition to my Bible time to hear someone else’s thoughts on the passage, as if they are reading it right there with you. I think when I’m done Proverbs and need to choose a new book of the Bible to read, I’ll select one from their “Previous Plans” and follow that. They have lots of studies through individual books of the Bible, as well as topical studies like Prayer in the Bible, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Women in the Bible.

If you’re looking for something fresh and truth-based, go check them out! (By the way, they’ve never heard of me nor did they ask me to write this… I just got excited and decided to share!)

she reads truth
Click here to access the website.

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