Waiting Here for You… and waiting, and waiting, and waiting

wait on the lordIt’s only to be expected that you will get tired of waiting for the Lord to act or answer during this time. You know you’re being sanctified, learning patience, but it doesn’t always calm the mystery inside of why God is taking so long “up there.” There are so many biblical reasons for this.

In an article titled Why Won’t God Hurry Up?, Relevant Magazine writer Eric Speir sites at least four reasons he realized while he was waiting four years for the Lord to bless Him with a ministry job. His first reason is that you aren’t ready for the size of what will come. This is an interesting thought. We cringe at it, but it’s fair to consider that maybe God is still preparing you and/or your spouse to be parents. My husband and I have considered this in times of fighting or stress. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow when you see teenagers or other immature people “accidentally” becoming parents, but I encourage you to keep your eyes on Christ and your journey, and not let your eyes wander to assess other peoples’ journeys and what God does in their lives. The second reason Speir provides is that you are unlearning improper worship — in other words, has a baby become an idol to you? It may not be a real “golden calf,” but is it the most important thing in your world? It shouldn’t be. God will probably want to strip you of that before blessing you further. The article also mentions two other reasons we’ve discussed a bit in his blog: learning dependence on God, and being used for other things in this time. Learning dependence of God is probably the sweetest reason for waiting, in my opinion. What a better response from God than to ask for your attention and to grow closer to you before giving you another potential (and likely) distraction?

In a similar article for The Christian Post, Paul Tripp shared his own 5 reasons why God calls us to wait:

1. Because God is sovereign – This one is hard sometimes, too, but it’s an important truth to accept. Psalm 115:12 says, “Our God is in the heavens and He does whatever He pleases.” That statement should really be the and answer to our questions.

2. Because God is a God of grace – Tripp explains that God has to put us into situations that need grace in order to extend it. An interesting idea to reflect on.

3. So we can minister to others – This reason overlaps with the Relevant Magazine article. I didn’t love this concept at first, I don’t know why (ok, yeah, probably selfishness). It’s hard to feel like it’s worth it to wait for or lose a child just so you can later minister to others. But my heart has grown to appreciate the chance to be someone who can speak to women in what can be one of the darkest times of their lives. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

4. For increase of God’s glory – Well, of course! God’s purpose for your pain is His gain. To God be the glory!

5. We live in a fallen world – It’s hard to hear, but this is not perfect world, starting with Adam and Eve. In heaven we will be without pain or tears, but not on earth. There is sickness, loss, evil, and even infertility because of the sin prevailing in this world and the evil one who rules it. With faith in Christ, we have a promise of a better future, but that doesn’t necessarily change the present. This is another hard truth to accept, but it is the truth and we need to live in light of it, not in denial of it.

I wish I had some big solutions to make the waiting easier. Accepting the truths above, and acting on the ones that require action, will definitely help with the relentless pain, but yes, pain is pain and it won’t magically be erased. I pray that God can give you peace through His riches while you’re waiting for His blessing.

Below is a worship song about praising God in your waiting, that my husband and I have come to love in this time. It’s Waiting Here for You by Christy Nockels.

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