Book Recommendation – The Case for Christmas (Non-Infertility)

This isn’t related to fertility or trial, but I am sure there are many non-Christian and non-religious people who read my blog. I do like to recommend some “distractors” from time to time — resources to grow your faith, while keeping you from obsessing too much about your trial.

I became a Christian as a doubt-filled questioning teenager. One of the earliest books I read was Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ. It’s an excellent book about an atheist journalist’s “trial” of the Bible’s claims about Jesus. The proofs and arguments he uncovered led him to eventually follow Christ (he started his hunt to disprove his Christian wife, ironically enough).

Anyway, a few years ago around Christmastime I found this book for free on Kindle and decided to read it to compliment my holiday season. If you are a Christian looking to build your appreciation for “the reason for the season,” or a questioning onlooker seeking some answers, I really recommend this short read (less than 100 pages). It’s usually $.99 on Kindle, though it may be free again this month! It is Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christmas.

storbleLee Strobel has written several similar investigative books, including:

The Case for Easter

The Case for a Creator

The Case for Faith

A similar book from a different author is The Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell.

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