Book Recommendation – 12 Days of Christmas for the Hurting


{As written on Rachel’s website.} At the very heart of is the desire to encourage and inspire; “12 Days of Christmas for the Hurting was born from the desire to encourage those hurting at Christmas. If there was a time of the year that we should be most joyful, it is Christmas! But for many, Christmas is a reminder of better days. Days before an accident…before a diagnosis…before a death in a close-knit family.

There are no words to express the ache I feel for those experiencing sorrow during this time. But the Word of God contains the words- and the power- to heal. Gifts from our True Love- our Heavenly Father- are available each and every day.

My encouragement to you is […] click here to finish reading this post from Rachel Wojo’s website. This post was not written for or by me — I appreciated it, so I shared it with you.

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