Three Books About Suffering

If you’re looking for a book that will encourage you in your trial, here are three that I am personally considering at the moment. I’ve said before, I’m not personally interested in books about infertility for encouragement, because, to be honest, for me this trial has not really been about the infertility but rather about God’s work in my heart and life. Also, if it’s specifically about infertility, it’ll open the door for obsessing for me. So I’m currently thinking about reading a book focusing on trials in general to teach and encourage me. If you have another recommendation, please share! 

kellerWalking with God Through Pain and Suffering by Tim Keller

My husband and I were super-excited about this brand-new book. We are huge fans of Tim Keller’s writing and preaching, because it is 100% biblical, it’s deep, and it’s relevant and practical every time. We are currently reading it, and I LOVE it! I highly recommend you buy it and start it now. I also suggest possibly skipping the first section and reading the last two sections first (Keller also recommends this in his Intro, as the second and third sections are written to people who are currently walking through trial). I was really thinking of writing a post just about how much I am appreciating this book, but I lumped the recommendation in with these others and will post later on some great quotes from it instead.

Some Birds Sing in Winter by Thomas Harley

birdsA friend of mine gave this book a raving review. She said, “This book will change your life if you’ve ever experienced hard times. Seriously. I’ve never read something so honest, practical, and yet so full of theological truth!” She also said it’s a great book for those who wonder where God is in your pain. I got the sample for my kindle, and will add it to my reading list.


lucadoYou’ll Get Through This by Max Lucado

I know not everyone is a Max Lucado fan, because he tends to be less deep and more full of devotional thoughts, but I have read a couple of his books in the past and I appreciated them more than I’d expected. I saw that this book recently came out, and am thinking about trying it. It has really great reviews on Amazon, like this one: “Max Lucado takes the reader through the story of Joseph and how throughout his struggles of being abandoned and sold as a slave, God had a plan for him. Max writes how God is working in our lives, although we may not see it. I recommend this book for those who have went through [sic] or going through struggles in their lives.” Have any of you read it?


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