Psalm 23 – He leads me beside still waters and restores my soul

Psalm 23

If you feel anxiety about entering the new year in the midst of your trial, this one is for you.

I’ve been thinking of Psalm 23 lately. It probably gets overlooked a lot because it’s really famous and everyone has heard it so much, but I’ve started realizing how many amazing truths it holds that apply to our trial.

  • God cares for us, so there is nothing we want or need (v.1)
  • He leads us to calmness and cares for us, He restores us in our weariness, and all for His glory(v.2-3)
  • Even in our darkest times, He is with us so we don’t have to be afraid; He comforts us (v.4)
  • He blesses us abundantly and defends us (v.5)
  • He will bless us, His sheep, and will give believers eternal life (v.6)

Play the audio below… it has piano accompaniment with a reading of Psalm 23. You may want to read along or close your eyes and just soak in the words anew. I hope you can gain a new appreciation for this ancient poem.

A useful practice, which I recommended in my post about Psalm 33, is to choose a Psalm to add to your normal Bible time, and read the same one every day for a week (or longer, if you wish). This helps me to really catch everything in the Psalm, appreciating each part and be able meditate on it more thoroughly. You may want to do that this week with Psalm 23.