Listen to your Bible time

I’m probably the last person on the planet to think of this, but I’m so excited about it I just wanted to share.

Our small group is reading through a yearly Bible plan, and right now we’re in Leviticus. I love every book of the Bible in its own right, but Leviticus can be rough, you guys. Have you read Leviticus 15? Gross. Anyway, it’s my selfish sinful side that allows me to fall behind in my reading when it doesn’t excite me much. But last week I had a day of cleaning my house (also thrilling), and the idea came to me: I’ll listen to my reading while I clean. And it was awesome! I got so much more out of it (though some weirder parts I was hoping my neighbors couldn’t hear), when I often read some sections and don’t even pay attention. I even went a few chapters ahead without even noticing.

I was just about to do the same during my cleaning time this morning, and thought it was a tidbit worth sharing. If you have trouble keeping up or finding time for your reading every now and then, why not try listening? I love this website: — which offers multiple versions (and languages), a free App, and you can download whole versions for free! So you can listen while you work like me, or even in your car or on your morning run!

Click to visit the site. You can set up a log-in, but you don't have to.
Click to visit the site. You can set up a log-in, but you don’t have to.


3 thoughts on “Listen to your Bible time

  1. This is awesome! I don’t always listen, but sometimes at work I pull this site up and listen and it’s so awesome!!! It’s nice to always be fed the word when we can!


    1. I know I’m totally obsessed with it theses days! And since we speak another language here, I love that I can listen to both languages. And it’s pretty neat that there’s a sign language Bible on there, though I don’t know sign language!


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