About this Blog

What doesn’t this blog include?

1. Medical advice or health/fertility-related discussion.

2. Analyzing or discussing symptoms, procedures, or health-related struggles.

3. Anyone’s personal infertility story (including mine – for the most part).

4.  Nonsense encouragement, such as “baby dust” and “sending good vibes.”

So what is this?

This blog consists of Biblically-based encouragement aimed at women who are struggling with infertility, child loss or waiting for a child. It includes songs, scripture, posts of my own lessons and thoughts, and links to other helpful blogposts and resources. Many posts will  invite you to interact with ideas, which I hope will offer additional encouragement to other readers (and myself).

So who are you?

In short, I am a committed Christian woman who has been walking through the trial of infertility. I prefer not to share much of my personal journey here. I have a Bible degree, and I have been married for a bunch of years. (You can read bigger pieces of my journey here and here, and the latest one is here.)

I was inspired to start this blog because I found there was a huge gap on the internet for something like this. As Christian workers in an isolated, non-Christian country, my husband and I found ourselves pretty alone in this trial. In times of struggle, I, like you, started searching the internet for encouragement. What I generally found were forums full of women obsessing over symptoms, signs, prescriptions and procedures, and offering each other encouragement that was neither truth-based nor helpful to me. When I did find biblical encouragement, it was an article here or there, or someone’s personal blog about her own fertility story (which eventually became a pregnancy blog or stopped all together when her trial did).

I also wanted a place away from medical issues, that would just feed my soul and uplift my spirit in a time of walking through the valley of trial. That being said, we have often been (thankfully) forced to walk much of our journey seeking the Lord’s encouragement on our own. This blog consists of many of the encouragements that we have found, as well as personal lessons the Lord has taught and continues to teach us. My purpose in publishing them is to offer web-searching women (both Christian and non-Christian) encouragement based on eternal truth that will give you added strength in this trial.

This blog is for YOU — please share any feedback! 

If you are interested in discussing biblical Christianity, I invite you to contact me.

12 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. I could read your blog all day…but, then my world might fall apart around me…ya know, the laundry will pile up, the dishes will stink, etc, etc. Just had to thank you. You’re right…not much out there for walking with Christ through the suffering of infertility. Everything I ever got was, “Well, there’s IVF. Tried that?” No, and I won’t. I will take what God gives me because, for some reason, it’s what I need. It’s probably “the better plan”.

    Oh, and your writing is beautiful. Your openness and honesty, your vivid details, all keep me coming back. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again for blogging…you’re a needed voice. God is definitely using you to do great things.


    1. I can’t tell you how much your comment blessed me today! I pray every time I post something that it would encourage at least one woman, and it sincerely blessed my heart to hear that it has encouraged you so much! Thanks for sharing your story, too [on my other post] — I shared it with my husband and we are inspired by your real faith. I pray you have success in your adoption wait soon. May God be glorified in your struggle, and I hope you continue to be blessed by this blog!


  2. Agreed, there is a big gap online in this area. (I’ve been praying about starting a blog as well. Your blog is the first I have found that has refreshed my soul. Thank you for writing this! . I am excited to follow you 🙂 and see What God will do in your life. I know one thing for sure, He will draw us closer to himself, into a deeper intimate relationship.


  3. Jessica

    The words you share are so incredibly encouraging and always seem to come at the right time. Thank you for taking time to encourage women around the world who are walking this painful journey. You are true light!


  4. Emily

    I found this a few months ago. I started from the beginning and have come back to it often (daily). I can’t say how much it has encouraged and comforted me. Thank you!


  5. Laurel Lane

    Wow! This blog is like healing balm to my soul! We also live and work in an isolated, non Christian country. I’m so thankful to know there are others following the Lord down this difficult and blessed path. I thank the Lord for you, my sister!


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