So I will not worry or fret

Another cry-fest song for me. Lately I listen to it almost every day. The quietness of the song with the reminder spoken to my soul that He is the one who holds my days and my life is so perfect.

I know you have a lot to worry about. Will this treatment work? Will this home visit go ok? Will you finally get to take home this child? Did you miss your ovulation window? But this is the truth: The great God of all the universe is holding those things in His hands. He is in control of those outcomes and you may need to breath and pass that trust to Him a hundred times a day. He knows what you’re hoping for. He is kind. He has a plan for those things. I don’t mean you can trust Him just to give you whatever you want — I mean You can trust whatever He decides to do with those situations, even if it’s not what you were hoping. What He chooses is a good plan. Release it to Him.

“Holding My World”
And this is Your world, you made it
And all of creation is breathing because You sustain it
Jesus, by your powerful word
You spoke out the earth and the heavens
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Valley of Vision – Music Recommendation

Now that we’ve been reading Valley of Vision (and absolutely loving it, as I’ve mentioned several times), tonight while making cookies I decided to give the album a fresh try. We’ve owned it for a while, but I don’t think I really appreciated the songs before. Listening to it really blessed me, so I thought I’d recommend it to all of you.

If you loved the prayer from the title, you’ll love this song based on it:

You can click the album cover below to purchase other songs or the full album at Sovereign Grace Music’s website.

Valley of Vision

Through valleys of sorrow to rivers of joy

This is another song that is really special to my heart, “The Valley Song” by Jars of Clay. It’s part of the inspiration for the subtitle of this blog, as it carries the biblical symbolism in calling this trial of infertility (or any trial — cancer, job loss, persecution, whatever) “the valley.” But the great thing about the valley is that, if you keep walking, it will end and you will be standing on the mountains again and rejoicing at the river.


One of my most prayed prayers is that God will have mercy on us (Luke 18, anyone?). I’ve never before felt like I needed to pray for mercy, but at my lowest point, it was what naturally flowed out of my mouth when praying one day. Obviously, a baby would be the greatest form of mercy that I can imagine right now, but I encourage you not to miss the daily mercies He gives you (anything from a kind nurse to deep peace) because you’re looking so hard for that big one. We’ve already rested in the truth that His mercies are new every morning don’t miss them!

By the way, my very favorite line in this song is:

Though the pain is an ocean tossing us around and round,

You have calmed greater waters,

and higher mountains have come down. 

Oh yes, Lord, and we praise You for that truth!