Waiting – Sermon Jam (Matt Chandler)

I’m not always sure what a Sermon Jam is, other than a sermon clip set to music, but I like them so whatever. Here’s a perfect one for us, from Pastor Matt Chandler.

Glory in Suffering – Sermon Jam (Britt Merrick)

Be blessed by these words of truth about suffering. I know many people struggle more during the holidays, so I hope this is the reminder of truth that you need today. Merry Christmas!

Sermon – “Pain and Providence”

Here is an encouraging sermon by Pastor David Platt, based on the story of Joseph. If you go to the site, you can read a transcript. It’s about an hour long, so grab a cup of tea or turn it on while you’re doing housework. You can also download the audio to listen on your mp3 player or in your car.

For some reason I can’t get the preview to work, so I’m posting the link. If you encounter a pop-up that asks you to join, you can just close it if you don’t want to join, and you can continue to the video. Enjoy!